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Delivering food-based education in Birmingham, Alabama.

Experiential education amplifies classroom learning.
Good School Food, our primary program, is a food-based education model rooted in academic standards. Through hands-on, experiential lessons at our Teaching Farms, pre-K–12 students use food, farming, and the culinary arts as a foundation for academic exploration.
Our Mission

Jones Valley Teaching Farm uses the power of growing food to transform and improve a young person’s pre-K-12 educational experience. We build vibrant, student-centered Teaching Farms on school campuses to provide an environment where young people can learn, create, explore, and grow a healthy future for themselves and their community.

Our Vision

Our vision is for all students to have a transformative educational experience using food, farming, and the culinary arts as a foundation for learning.

Our Team

Jones Valley Teaching Farm begins and ends with its people. We are proud that 25% of our team are past students of our Good School Food education model.

Our Board

Jones Valley Teaching Farm is supported by a Board of Directors with deep roots in Birmingham. We rely on their leadership and guidance as we grow and refine our work.

Our Partners

Our partners share the belief that hands-on, food-based education should be an integral part of a child’s pre-K–12th grade educational experience.