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Connecting academic, standards-based content to food, farming and the culinary arts.

Core-Subject Collaboration

Instructors collaborate with teachers at every grade level to design lessons to complement and expand what students are learning in the classroom. We teach across all subject areas, including science, math, social studies, English language arts, health, and art.

Through this collaborative process, we also have the opportunity to engage in project-based learning (PBL) with students. Our typical PBL project leads to a final product that students design and build. Examples of past PBL projects include Operation Compost, Living Walls, Backfield Improvement, Vermicompost, and our summer Camp Grow program.


Our students and staff regularly engage the broader Birmingham community through the Good School Food program: through end-of-year parties at each Teaching Farm, Neighborhood Association Meetings, cooking demonstrations at Railroad Park, and selling produce at Pepper Place and Woodlawn Street Markets, we connect with Birmingham through the food we grow.

Culinary Lessons

We teach culinary lessons that are designed to bring cross-curricular academic standards to life for students. These lessons teach fundamental culinary skills while providing an opportunity for students to harvest and eat fresh produce they have helped to grow at their school’s Teaching Farm.

Farm Club

Through Farm Club, students become stewards of their school’s Teaching Farm as they take ownership of planting, growing, harvesting, and cooking the fresh produce they grow. STEM-based projects are incorporated to spotlight the connection between sustainable farming practices and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Student-Run Markets

Each fall and spring, teams of students sell produce to their teachers, parents, and community members at Student-Run Markets. Through an accompanying curriculum, students learn to apply math skills and learn best practices in running their own small business.