Employing the young minds who experienced Good School Food

Jones Valley Teaching Farm’s Apprenticeship Model is an essential part of building and sustaining our future—organizationally and systemically but also creating pathways to economic mobility for our apprentices. Employing the very individuals and young minds who have experienced Good School Food throughout their school careers inspires and drives our work moving forward. It creates opportunities for students to grow and lead the work (and our community) long-term.


Each year, a select group of Birmingham City School students have the opportunity to participate in a paid apprenticeship for course credit. In this High School Internship, students manage a 2-acre urban farm in the Woodlawn community learning the essential skills of farm production, from soil preparation to harvest, as well as receiving professional development.


Graduates of Birmingham City Schools have an opportunity to enter a 15-month, full time paid immersive apprenticeship. Apprentices learn about farm management, receive agricultural focused professional training, workforce development and participate in enrichment experiences. Over the course of the apprenticeship, apprentices will be exposed to pathways that will lead them towards economic mobility.