January 23rd, 2020

Meet the Woodlawn High School team! Mohamed was involved in the creation of the Teaching Farm before graduating from Woodlawn High School (WHS) in 2015. In August of 2015, he began his role as Farm Manager for the WHS Teaching Farm and continues to excel in that role. He also leads our paid internship program and the farm stand after school. Kelly originally joined JVTF as an AmeriCorps Vista and served as a Teaching Farm Fellow at W.E. Putnam Middle School. She served for two years and then was hired in July 2018 as the full time instructor at Putnam Middle. In the Fall of 2019, she transitioned to WHS where she collaborates with teachers during the school day and assists with  JVTF interns in the afternoon. Corniqua (Nene) was an intern at Woodlawn High School in 2017 and joined as a Graduate Apprentice in February 2019.

What is your favorite farm task? 

Kelly: Sowing Seeds!

Mohamed: Harvesting

Nene: My favorite farm task is forming beds!

What are two goals that you have for this school year?

K: Two goals I have for this school year are to increase student and teacher engagement with the Teaching Farm and to help organize a community event on the farm.

M: Equip High School Apprentices with as much info as possible and make education fun.

What are you excited to learn this year?

K: I want to learn how to operate the tractor

M: The different personality of each High School Apprentice because it gives me insight into their soul and helps ease the transfer of information

N: I’m excited about learning how to explain things and better communicate

What is your favorite pollinator?  

K: Leafcutter Bee

M: Ladybug

N: My favorite pollinator is a butterfly. Bats are also cool but I haven’t seen them in action.

What drew you to working at the farm? 

K: I was drawn to the farm because I love food and being outside. I’ve stayed at the farm because of the people I’ve met and my realization that there is so much more to learn.

M: The opportunity to work with students and learn from one another.

N: The fact that it was different and seemed like it would be a fun experience.

What  has surprised you about working on the farm?

K: When I began farming, I was surprised by the benefits of different bugs, how out-of-touch I was with the seasons, and the flavor of a fresh carrot!

M: The bipolar weather and the resilience of flowers

N: I didn’t realize how calming it would be!

What do you want others to know about the farm at WHS? 

K: How incredible our crew is! It takes a lot of strategy, communication, and hard work in every season to run a farm, and our team works together really well to make it thrive. All are welcome to the farm – come buy some veggies when the Farm Stand opens in April!

M: The diversity of minds and plants creates the beauty of the farm

N: It’s not as bad as you may think once you get used to it, it becomes a therapy that you enjoy!