March 3rd, 2020

Meet Jessica and Hana! Jessica, our Downtown Campus Farm Manager, pursued a degree and career in sustainable agriculture because she wanted to do something positive for our environment and the people in it. Jessica joined Jones Valley Teaching Farm in 2016. Hana, our Assistant Farm Manager, holds a degree in Environmental Science with a focus in Environmental Agriculture. Hana loves growing, learning about, and eating food because it serves as a great agent for change. Hana joined Jones Valley Teaching Farm in January of 2019.

Is there a unique crop you plan to grow this year?

H: Bok Choi! It’s a great culture mix for our field!

J: Sweet Potatoes. I am excited to grow them because we haven’t grown them for years, and I like that they have a long storage potential.

What makes your Teaching Farm unique?

H: It’s an open site where people can come and volunteer.

What’s your favorite farm task?

H: Harvesting all our beautiful vegetables.

J: I love processing vegetables in the wash station.

What content area do you enjoy teaching the most?

H: I love teaching people how to harvest. It always opens up conversation about food and social justice.

What’s a tool that you cannot live without on the farm?

H: Shovels! Big and small. Or pruners.

J: Walk-behind tractor with mower, plow, and tiller attachments

What’s your favorite season? What is your favorite seasoning?

H: Fall? I love oregano!

J: Fall & Togarashi

 What’s your go to song for weeding?

H: Post Malone Sunflower or Jonas Brothers

J: Ain’t Nobody—Chaka Khan

What’s your favorite pollinator?

H: Beeeeees!

J: Bumblebees