December 4th, 2019

Meet Fernando Colunga and Jerick Hamilton! Fernando began volunteering at the Downtown Campus as a production intern in the summer of 2016, and was hired as an Instructor in the summer of 2018. Jerick was an intern at Woodlawn High School from his Junior year in 2016 through his graduation in 2018. Jerick joined as a Teaching Farm as one of our first Apprentices following graduation. Farmer Fern and Farmer Jerick are a well-rounded team. Fernando loves teaching culinary lessons, while Jerick shines in science lessons. Fernando’s favorite farm task is harvesting, while Jerick prefers to handle weeding. At the start of the new year, Jerick will move to Glen Iris Elementary to care for the Teaching Farm and run after school clubs!

What are two goals that you have for this school year?

F: Increase farm/market club membership. Expansion of pollination mound. 

J: One of my goals is to have a bigger farm club than last year another goal is to have a stronger relationship with the kids at hayes

Is there a unique crop that you plan to grow this year? What is it and why is it exciting?

F: Giant pumpkin. It should grow to be about 50 pounds!

What makes your Teaching Farm unique?

F: At Hayes I get to work with both elementary and middle school students! 

J: The relationship and history I have with the students.

What is your favorite farm task?

F: Harvesting! 

J: Weeding in a shaded area and harvesting

What content area do you enjoy teaching the most?

F: Lessons that include culinary skills [across all content areas] because I enjoy helping the students take fresh grown veggies and fruits and make a flavorful dish!

J: I enjoy teaching science and life lessons to the students at Hayes. 

What is your go to song for weeding?

F: “Lightenup” by Parcels

J: My go to song for weeding is Kevin Gates “Case Closed.”

What is your favorite recipe you have ever cooked with students?

F: Veggie Tostadas

J: Veggie Curry

What is your favorite Farm Club badge?

F: Happy Harvester, because being able to know when/how to harvest will allow you to have the best tasting food!

J: My favorite badge is cultivator

What is something you learned while developing lessons that you didn’t know before?

F: How the Aztecs grew their food on chinampas (floating gardens). 

J: Thats is more effective to begin with the end in mind