January 13th, 2020

Meet Destiny Nelson-Miles! Destiny has been involved with Jones Valley Teaching Farm since 2015 as a 6th grader at W.E. Putnam Middle School. At Putnam, she participated in Farm Club and Greenhouse Club, where she helped design and build a greenhouse. Destiny is now a junior at Woodlawn High School working on our Apprentice team. Destiny is ambitious and curious, always asking questions and seeking feedback on her work. She wants to pursue a career in Business and Finance.

What is your favorite farm task? Weeding

What is a tool that you cannot live without on the farm? Pruners

What is your favorite season? Summer

What is your favorite pollinator? Honeybee 

What is the best, most delicious dish that you’ve eaten with produce from the farm? Thai curry

What are two goals that you have for this year? Earn all A’s, participate in a lot of things.

What drew you to working at the farm?  The environment

What are you excited to learn this year? How to give a tour of the farm because I don’t know how to yet.

What  has surprised you about working on the farm? The number of visitors

What do you want others to know about the farm at WHS?  We sell produce