We are Hiring an Apprenticeship Coordinator!
December 14th, 2018

Position Description

The completion of the site at Woodlawn High School (WHS) in 2015 marked the expansion of Jones Valley Teaching Farm’s (JVTF) Good School Food (GSF) model to serve students from pre-K through 12 th grade. A crucial component of the program at WHS is the internship. Through the internship, students earn credit and are paid for running the 2-acre Teaching Farm from seeding and transplanting, to harvesting and marketing the produce.

In the summer of 2018, JVTF launched the Teaching Farm apprenticeship, designed to provide a pathway to leadership for graduates of the internship program. Apprentices spend up to two years developing professional and personal skills while serving in many capacities as they contribute to the organization’s mission, direction and success. Apprentices work across sites on programming, positively impacting students who may one day be Interns themselves. Apprentices continue to hone horticultural skills through production and site management, and serve terms informing and assisting with the organization’s development and operations teams.

Jones Valley Teaching Farm is seeking an Apprenticeship Coordinator. This position will guide the growth of the Apprenticeship program model to reflect the mission and vision of the organization as a whole. The Apprenticeship Coordinator will supervise apprentices, collaborating across content areas to manage day-to-day schedules and communication. The Apprenticeship coordinator works closely with the WHS Program Director to support the internship. The Apprenticeship Coordinator will conduct a needs and resources assessment and will build relationships with a wide array of community partners to facilitate the provision and integration of support services for apprentices and interns.

The Apprenticeship Coordinator reports directly to the Director of Educational Programs and Partnerships. This work requires energy and passion for mentoring youth, and a high degree of professionalism. A successful candidate must possess extraordinary interpersonal skills as well as strong management and organization skills.


Reports to: Director of Educational Programs and Partnerships

Based at: Woodlawn Office / Woodlawn High School Teaching Farm


Specific Responsibilities

  • Collaborates with JVTF Support Team, to coordinate apprentices’ weekly schedules
  • Conducts regular one-on-one and team meetings with apprentices and implements professional evaluations every three months ensuring each apprentice is getting regular feedback, opportunities for growth, the space to contribute to our mission and strategy, as well as constructive feedback
  • Participates with apprentices in regular community engagement opportunities including: Neighborhood Association meetings, Board of Education meetings, community stakeholder meetings, City Council meetings, youth engagement opportunities, etc.
  • Collaborates with the JVTF Leadership Team, to develop evaluation and assessment model for the Apprenticeship program
  • Completes a needs and resource assessment, getting input from Apprentices, Interns, Program Director, Director of Educational Programs and Partnerships, Instructors, school administrators, and JVTF staff
  • Develops and implements an action plan and schedule of events for apprentices and interns including : financial literacy workshops, assistance with applications (higher education institutions, etc.), college tours, field trips, workforce trainings, skill-building workshops, and other programs as determined by the needs and resource assessment
  • Works to connect programs and services currently available in the community to apprentices and interns
  • Consistently maintains accurate records, reports and documentation as it relates to their position including the submitting grant reports in a timely manner
  • Represents JVTF and the Apprenticeship through speaking engagements, promotional films, media, community meetings and site tours
  • Serves on the Events Team and may be called on to facilitate resources and materials, and other duties as assigned


General Responsibilities

  • Advocacy: Seeks to understand the organization’s mission and develops a deep understanding for it, Actively communicates, supports and protects this mission internally and externally
  • Culture: Observes organization’s Culture Principals, Creates and maintains a positive collaborative environment that is supportive and respectful of others and their ideas, Actively participates in staff meetings and professional development, Effectively communicates with supervisor and colleagues in order to be better supported in their role
  • Processes and Procedures: Consistently shows up prepared and on time and is available in person, on the phone and through email, Maintains professionalism when communicating and follows set channels of communication across the organization, Follows protocols outlined in the policy guidelines/handbook, Adheres to school system rules, administrative procedures, local board policies, and state and federal rules and regulations that are a regular part of a public school system



Founded in 2002, JVTF is a non-profit 501(c)(3) located in Birmingham, Alabama. In 2012, JVTF established Good School Food (GSF), a food education model rooted in academic standards and implemented in partnership with Birmingham City Schools. In the GFS model, JVTF designs and builds extensive teaching farm sites where staff deliver programming that connects students to food, farming, and the culinary arts through in-school and after school programming. Since 2012, JVTF has expanded the program to seven partner schools, including five in one distinct pre-K-12 feeder pattern in the Woodlawn community.

You can learn more about Jones Valley Teaching Farm at jvtf.org .


What We Look For

  • Believers in the power of education and food
  • A commitment to social justice
  • A positive and constructive attitude
  • Self-direction and self-motivation
  • The ability to hear, reflect upon and implement feedback
  • The ability to sensitively work with a diverse population
  • Proven ability to collaborate successfully with a wide range of constituents
  • Passion and capacity for work that improves opportunities for those in need
  • Experience working with human service agencies, education institutions, families and youth
  • Must demonstrate strong negotiation and relationship-building skills
  • Excellent research, organizational, writing, and oral communication skills
  • Management experience
  • Successful experience in program and/or grant administration
  • Knowledge of program evaluation and performance measurement tools
  • Proficiency with computers, various office software and standard office equipment
  • Master’s degree in education, counseling, social work, community organizing, or a related field, or a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of two years professional and/or community experience preferred
  • This position will require you to be screened via the Criminal Justice Information Service (CJIS) and NCIC
  • A valid Driver’s License and transportation


Duration and Compensation The Apprenticeship Coordinator is a year-round, full-time position with a 3-month probation period. Competitive compensation packages include salary, health benefits, and paid time off.


To apply please submit resume and cover letter to jobs@jvtf.org and include Apprenticeship Coordinator in subject line.