The Protective Promise

Visit the campaign page today to learn more.


We depend largely on corporations and foundations to help us pay our basic operating expenses and hire talented educators and farmers to work at Jones Valley.  In this way, corporations like Protective Life serve as an impact investor who believes deeply in Jones Valley’s long-term potential, and they have agreed to match every dollar you donate and help raise online this year for Jones Valley, up to $50,000.


We practice what we call Making Certain We Are Making a Difference–this means 100% of your dollars donated online go directly to our K-8 education. Not a single dollar given online will ever go to general operating expenses. Moreover, we will email you our new Impact Reports twice a year so you can follow the progress of your gift.

The bottom line is to see all Birmingham students equipped with the kind of learning opportunities they need to grow in school and in life–and to make good, healthy decisions about food now and in the future. Jones Valley’s story is a story about generational change. And it starts herenow, with you and the rest of our Birmingham community. Join us as we meet our goal of raising $50,000 online. Join us as we invest in Birmingham students.

Visit the campaign page today to learn more.

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