Students pickle okra

At the beginning of each school year, Good School Food Instructors teach introductory lessons and facilitate activities to help students get reacquainted with Farm Lab. This August each eighth grader at Putnam Middle School worked in teams to create their own quick-pickled okra recipe. Students harvested okra from Farm Lab, processed it, and building on a basic pickling recipe experimented with different quantities of hot peppers (also harvested from Farm Lab), dill, mustard seed, garlic, and black pepper. One week later, the students reconvened to taste their okra. GSF Instructors Leah and Haley were happy to report that almost all of the students liked their okra—and only a few needed help subduing the fire in their mouths after tasting their hot-pepper-heavy recipes! Thanks to Mr. Williams for taking photos of the pickling process.

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