Every Oliver Student

As educators, we take our students on field trips to bring learning outside the walls of the classroom, to see the world with new eyes and full of new possibilities. At Jones Valley, we love field trips, and the Seed to Plate program at our downtown farm is one of the best field trips around. Students learn about plants and bugs and other things that live and grow on the farm, explore the rows of crops and the chicken coop, harvest their own vegetables, then learn how to make a healthy snack.

But we need your help. Buses, gas, and program costs mean that great field trips need funding. Our Seed to Plate programs costs $10 per student, which means around $230 for a class of students.

Jones Valley and Oliver Elementary are working together to bring every student to our urban farm for the Seed to Plate program as we kick off our Good School Food partnership.

This September, you can sponsor a student or a class through our online campaign and help us reach our goal of educating over 500 Oliver Elementary students through the Seed to Plate program.

Help students reimagine the borders of their classroom through hands-on food education at Jones Valley Teaching Farm.

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