COMMUNITY: Pay It Forward

After earning $1600 during their first year of running their own Student Farmers Market, the Glen Iris students had a choice: invest all $1600 back into the market at their school for the next year, or invest just $800 into their own market and pay the other $800 forward to Oliver Elementary, Jones Valley’s next Good School Food partner school.

The Glen Iris students unanimously agreed to pay it forward. They believe the Student Farmers Market is better shared with their fellow students across Birmingham.


In addition to serving their community with a market for parents and teachers, students are playing an important role in establishing a community of Good School Food students in Birmingham City schools.

Our vision is a network of student markets throughout Birmingham, each one strengthening their own school community and providing students the opportunity to participate in a project-based learning program. When you support Jones Valley, you help us bring this vision to life.

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