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Jones Valley is working hard to expand our programs and services to schools.  In 2012, we re-focused our efforts on K-8 education and as a result, reached more than 4,000 students.  In 2013, we will continue building on our current partnerships with schools as well as experimenting with new and smart ways to empower future generations with an education to eat smarter, think healthier and live better. Check out where we will invest your dollars from the online campaign:

#1 Good School Food: Jones Valley is working with over 800 K-5 students at Glen Iris Elementary for the entire school year to design and deliver innovative programs that build a vibrant and knowledgeable school culture around food, science and nutrition. We will expand Good School Food to other Birmingham City Schools next year.

#2 Seed to Plate: The cornerstone of our education has always been to get students and teachers to our urban teaching farm. The farm transforms into a learning laboratory where students explore, investigate and inquire about food. Our goal is to educate 5,000 K-8 students through this program in 2013.

#3 Food System Kits & Teacher Training: Jones Valley is working with five schools to pilot a new “food systems” module that includes a kit and curriculum. We will host our second annual Food Institute next year to train and equip more teachers to use the kits in the classrooms.  In Year 2, we plan to expand this program from 5 classrooms to 20 classrooms.

#4 Practicing Science, Engineering Change: Jones Valley’s newest initiative is a web-based competition for Birmingham City Schools. Each student project must focus on local food systems and nutrition through two categories: practicing science and engineering change.  Student rewards include iPads, scholarships and teacher cash rewards for hands-on science equipment.

Take action today and support Jones Valley through our online campaign.

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