JVTF launches Farm Studio

fs_post2How do you empower students to be problem-solvers, doers, and change makers in their community?

[Enter Farm Studio]

Farm Studio is an intensive, 2-week summer learning program designed by Jones Valley Teaching Farm for middle school students from Birmingham City Schools. The focus of this summers Farm Studio is the exploration of WATER with an emphasis on STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math).

Week 1: Students study water through multiple lenses: they will study the unique properties of water, the importance of water conservation, water treatment and the impacts of water on human health and food production.

Week 2: Students will design and build a wash station using the design thinking process in order to understand the problem, design a meaningful prototype, and to test the prototype with the goal of developing a solution to water reuse in JVTF’s Farm Lab outdoor classrooms located in Birmingham City Schools.

Impact: Research supports the idea that students learn through hands on projects, those that stretch their imaginations, charge them to be agents of their own learning, while also teaching rigorous standards-based content. JVTF’s own results from project-based learning programs have demonstrated on average a 49% growth in scores through pre and post assessments of student learning.


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