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“Jones Valley Teaching Farm is critical to changing the course of health and nutrition for a generation and for the city of Birmingham through the teaching efforts that they’re doing in Birmingham City Schools.”

Three years ago, Jordan Van Horn committed to a serious overhaul of his diet. In an attempt to cut down on medication for his Crohn’s disease, he and his wife decided to eliminate processed foods from what they eat.

“That was really the catalyst that increased our interest and awareness in the importance of food,” he said, “We’ve been doing this for over 3 years now and for the last year and half I’ve been medicine free and have experienced a reduction and really an elimination of all symptoms that I’ve had from Crohn’s disease. I’ve experienced a healing and a restoration physically in my body that my wife and I have witnessed for the last 3 years specifically to eating high quality foods.”

Food has become an integral part of their lives. His wife Caitlin has been at the helm of Roost, a highly successful food blog featuring seasonal, sustainable eating and living; and Jordan has plans to begin his own farm in Birmingham.

For last year’s campaign, Jordan committed to raising $1,500 for Jones Valley. He was excited to reach out to his friends, family, and personal network because, in his words, “who wouldn’t want to help educate young people on the benefits of eating good food and getting away from processed food and eating fresh fruits and vegetables grown miles from where you live? To me, it was a no brainer to reach out to my friends and family, educate them about what Jones valley was doing, making a very simple ask to make a small donation so that they could really help make an impact in this city”

For him, local, sustainable agriculture and healthy eating was physically liberating.

“I want to be an advocate to share our story,” he said. “Here is how we’ve experienced healing and restoration and health specifically through our diet, and if I can help educate other people on the importance of healthy, high quality food, especially if it’s supporting a local economy and a local food system, that’s important to me.”

Jordan has committed to supporting the expansion of Good School Food through this year’s campaign as an individual fundraiser.

“The earlier you can teach kids these principles of healthy eating,” he said, “taking control of their own health and the importance of good food, I think it could really benefit them and that’s why I would want to be involved with Jones Valley Teaching Farm.”

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