FROM THE FIELD: Financial Literacy


Book smarts vs. street smarts. Classroom learning vs. practical experience. We tend to pit these two forms of learning against one another, but why not put them together? That’s what the Student Farmers Market is all about: students learn financial literacy skills in the classroom, then apply those skills by running their own market.

The financial literacy course gives students the chance to apply math skills and prepare for the world beyond school, and it gives Good School Food students the chance to see a different side of the food system.

We’re using an online financial literacy software from EverFi to create an even more interactive experience for students in the farmers market club. This digital platform was created nationally and matches with Alabama curriculum standards, so these students are on the cutting edge of learning, understanding, and applying financial literacy skills at an early age.

This October, help us grow the Student Farmers Market and establish this real-world learning experience for students across Woodlawn.

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