The Family Kitchen

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In the South, food matters. We use cooking as a way to give thanks, foster a sense of family,  and creatively express ourselves.  Or at least we used to.  According to the USDA, Jefferson County residents spent more than $427 million dollars at fast-food restaurants in 2010.  If our work at Jones Valley Teaching Farm has taught us anything, it is that food issues, whether health, cultural or economic, can be incredibly complex.  With that said, there is something simple and powerful about one of JVTF’s newest initiatives: The Family Kitchen.

As part of the Good School Food project, Jones Valley Teaching Farm, in partnership with Glen Iris Elementary and the Southern Living test kitchen, launched The Family Kitchen this week, a hands-on cooking and nutrition series that empowers families to cook healthy, affordable meals at home.  Research shows there are a multitude of health benefits when families cook and share meals together, especially for children. So, while we acknowledge that many food issues are more complex than what The Family Kitchen is capable of addressing, we also believe that family mealtime deserves a platform.  And we are determined to demonstrate that a program like The Family Kitchen can be successful through the leadership and vision of a school community.

Stay tuned for upcoming stories and field notes on what’s growing at Jones Valley Teaching Farm.

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