After earning $1600 during their first year of running their own Student Farmers Market, the Glen Iris students had a choice: invest all $1600 back into the market at their school for the next year, or invest just $800 into their own market and pay the other $800 forward to Oliver Elementary, Jones Valley’s next […]


Book smarts vs. street smarts. Classroom learning vs. practical experience. We tend to pit these two forms of learning against one another, but why not put them together? That’s what the Student Farmers Market is all about: students learn financial literacy skills in the classroom, then apply those skills by running their own market. The […]


  Every entrepreneur has their first small business experience; for these six students from Oliver Elementary, it starts this fall. Through Jones Valley’s Student Farmers Market, fifth-grade students learn financial literacy skills during an eight-week class and then apply those skills by running a market after school once a week. The market brings the local […]


“My hope for Oliver is to see a new generation of healthy people come forth. We really can get that.” Darlena King has deep roots in Birmingham. Her father built her family’s home in the Oak Ridge Park neighborhood in the late 1950s, and she attended Oliver Elementary in its earliest days. “Oliver is one […]

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“Our school really is the center of this community.” Over her first two months as Oliver Elementary’s new principal, Dr. Selena Florence has been a close partner of Jones Valley as we’ve begun Good School Food for the Oliver school community. Originally from Andalusia, Alabama, Dr. Florence brings to Oliver her experience with curriculum management […]


During the month of September, every class from Oliver Elementary came to the farm to learn through the Seed to Plate program. This field trip kicked off a year of Good School Food for these students, and we wanted to share some of the moments from a month of hands-on learning at Jones Valley.