Good School Food

The significance of what we eat simply cannot be overstated. Young people don’t just need to hear how the food they eat affects their bodies and minds; they need to see it. They need to taste it. Feel it. Experience it. That’s what Good School Food is all about–providing school communities with innovative, hands-on food […]


Terrell Age: 10 Grade: 5th “I want to be a professional artist. I really like drawing people with wrinkles.” Jones Valley is educating students like Terrell—helping her see the creativity in designing a new lunchroom and school garden.  


Azia Age: 10 Grade: 5th “I want to be a news reporter so I can report on the weather, because weather always falls from the sky.”  Jones Valley is educating students like Azia—helping her understand how weather patterns affect food production in her community.

Third grade students learn how to model a food system

  FOOD education as a component of STEM education (science, technology, engineering and math) is a national priority to insure American competitiveness and producivity in the 21st Century. At Jones Valley, we believe students’ need more opportunities to investigate and explore questions about local and global food systems. In early 2012 Jones Valley began researching the […]


Visit the campaign page today to learn more. THE PARTNERSHIP We depend largely on corporations and foundations to help us pay our basic operating expenses and hire talented educators and farmers to work at Jones Valley.  In this way, corporations like Protective Life serve as an impact investor who believes deeply in Jones Valley’s long-term potential, and […]


Name: Samira Age: 8 Grade: 3rd “I want to be a heart surgeon so I can help people feel better.” Jones Valley is working with students like Samira—inspiring her to learn about science and nutrition and how food affects the heart and body.


Nicholas Age: 10 Grade: 5th “I want to be a dentist when I grow up, because I like working with teeth. One time I pulled my cousin’s tooth out with a tissue and put it in a safe place so it would not get lost.” Jones Valley is educating students like Nicholas—teaching him that carrots, […]


Jailah Age: 9 Grade: 4th  “I want to be the President of the United States, so I can teach my children responsibility.” Jones Valley is educating students like Jailah—helping her connect environmental responsibility to her children’s future.